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erms and Conditions

The privacy policy is stated below, Visiting deemed to have agreed to the following terms and rules of your application design.

All kinds of information on our site, content, including product and customer reviews or are added to the site by members content, arranging and partially / fully in use (except those belonging to third parties with a contract) all intellectual-property rights and property rights

All posted on the site by the customer is allowed to text, pictures, content such as video is for informational purposes only. membership or during the subsequent process may request certain personal information from you, this information is all measures for other members to see and so reach the protection and safe storage of all pages received information is protected by SSL security certificate.

All online credit card transactions and approvals by us are independently carried out between about Banks and other card organizations online, PC to the standards is to ensure that all secure payment standards required by providing always fit.

Registered information may be disclosed to relevant institutions within the framework of the responsibilities stipulated by the regulations. In addition, membership and / or communication they have made during the exchange of information (phone, address, e-mail, etc.) and other personal information to do your registration process on our site, updating, and various products / services and business can be given by partners and suppliers / sales, product / service wage-cost collection and various promotional, advertising, promotion, communication, sales, and can record indefinitely for various applications, and stored in the mentioned organizations before, processed, shared state-when and where necessary and available. If the refund is required to submit an invoice for the customer's products.

Ordering information form and the preliminary contract of sale will be held from be seen during every purchase and will be valid.  allow customers in certain periods taken and have been segmented audience to email, SMS and other methods can send marketing and informational messages, you do not want to receive these messages by clicking on the link unsubscribe in the e mail you can exit the list.

All kinds of questions about our privacy policy ,please contact us for advice.

Questions regarding this statement should be directed to Drnstore . To send an email, click here.

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