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About Us

Who are we ?

We are people who like to use the Internet, to shop, have fun and enjoy life. After working in the IT sector for long years, we have designed, our unique shopping site for you. We worked on everything you seek for, we offer you the new online store for fun, shopping on the internet and even able to sell your own products to the world.. Ever since we were founded, we are trying to do better every day with our first day's excitement.

Are we different?

Do not you get tired of seeing the same products while shopping on internet sites, roaming in different names, sites with the same content, out of seasoned goods, poor quality products? We are very bored ... Do not you want to follow Fashion and Technology closely and buy new products in all around the world.

Mystore is a new desinged model for you to sell all over the world . We offer you the opportunity to sell in 8 languages ​​and 5 currencies and via Facebook too. And it's free ...We know it's crazy, but we did it. is at your service to make a difference in shopping on the internet, making everything different. This will be our challenge , of course..

What about security ? 

We will never keep your credit card information on our site. Moreover, we use top-level security applications and standards such as SSL. We also cooperate with service providers such as Google, Symantec and Radore which are proven in this field. To understand that any site is protected by SSL, do check the address bar on the upper left  side of your adress bar, it should be "green"!

We will not stop until we offer your the best quality products and service, for the best price! Our aim is to build a shopping site that can be designed only for you to be customized ... We could write many more sentences about us, the importance we give to our customers, the respect we have on our work, but we wanted to see with your own eyes …..


DRN Store LLC, Delaware, USA.

Headquarters: 16 192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, Delaware 19958, County of Sussex, USA

Branch: Erseg villa 9 Türkkonut, Çayyolu, Ankara, Turkey

Branch: Zh.K. Slaveykov 59-4, 8005 Burgas, Bulgaria

Branch Malyy Zlatoustinskiy pr., 10с1,101000 Moscow, Russia